Wednesday, February 18, 2015

News on ARK4

Ark4 is a cooperation project between 4 Institutions of Trondheim NTNU UB; IDI;Regional State Archives and Deaf Museum. The first prototype was launched in June and 12 students from the Steiner school in Trondheim participated to a workshop about plants in collaboration with Ringve Botanical garden, Vitenskapmuseet in Trondheim and Bjørn Sæther. The 7th of february a workshop was organized in collaboration with our international partner and evaluator, Athena Research Center, Athens Greece  and the Norwegian embassy at Athens. School children of an age from 10 to 17 participated in an ARK4 workshop on botany and plants. The introduction was presented by our expert on botany, Gabriella Papstefanou, and the game was offered on a touch-screen by our IT expert Ioannis Lefteriotis. The kids answered a Knowledge test before and after the activity and they answered a survey about the quality of the gaming experience, they had. At the end they were interviewed by our collaborators from "Athena" RC, Agiati Benardou and Eliza Papaki, that were also observing them while working with the ARK4 application. The results will be published in a report and presented in EAA conference i September 2015.Ark4 intends to create a user methodology that can be shared by the national and regional community of libraries, schools and archives.

 At the same time two more applications will be aunched in March 2015, one based on the content provided by the Deaf Museum of Trondheim with Line Norsveen as our partner and content developer and Gunnar Sørum from the States Archive of Trondheim. Both applications will be tested during the following months. ARK4 launched as well a film today in MUBIL channel in You tube which you can watch here in collaboration with the project Opp i Dagen, with Anne Katrine Meland who is leading the project in Rødøy. The project is creating activities in the immediate community in order to engage school children and local enterprises in the seek of knowledge of the past.
The experienced archaeologist Kari Binns Støren has provided the illustrations used in the Rødøyquiz and video. The film will be supplemented by a knowledge quiz to be played by the participants of workshops organized by ARK4 in May in collaboration with Anne Katrine Meland.The layout was done by Irene D. Marquez, the technical realization was done by Chiara Evangelista and the music by Marianna Røe.

see the video here, in Norwegian
Alexandra Angeletaki, 
Project Leader

Friday, January 9, 2015

ARK4 workshops with Flora Danica in february!

ARK4: An interactive heritage library.

What happens on the day
The workshop starts with a simple survey questionnaire, to assess the participants' current level of knowledge on the subject - in the case of this pilot, plants. They will get a basic introduction to the subject and then play a game on a large touch-screen, in small groups. After they enjoy the game, they will answer a few questions, comparable to the initial survey, to assess whether they gained knowledge through the game. 

What they will be helping us achieve
We aim to evaluate how users' understanding of a subject advances through playing, as well as their engagement and satisfaction with the activity. The overall aim of this workshop is to inform the further development of this concept and platform, helping it towards its ultimate goal of becoming a standard teaching tool.

About the pilot
The project' starting point is a pilot platform, which combines high definition digital representations of old books, with artefacts, artwork and archive material, into a game to be explored by high school students, in a workshop format that supports learning. The pilot's game is based on Flora Danica, a scientific encyclopaedia on Scandinavian fauna.

What is ARK4
ARK4 seeks to create a virtual dialogue between the public and institutions which hold information. By exploring innovative technology, it aims to disseminate knowledge from the past to a wider, younger audience. ARK4 intends to apply user-centric methods and collect fresh narratives, which it will then share with libraries, schools, archives, community organisations, both locally and nationally.

Who is ARK4
The technical bit
The software for the ARK4 game was developed by Michail Giannakos (Assistant Professor in NTNU, IDI) and Giannis Eleftheriotis (doctoral candidate, University of Corfu, Greece). The game's questions were conceived by Gabriella Papastefanou (Phd in Biology, University of Crete, Greece). Agiatis Benardou (Senior Research Associate, Digital Curation Unit
R.C. "Athena", Institute for the Management of Information Systems
), will be observing the workshop, in order to evaluate the results and assess the playing experience. 

The archival content of the game was provided by NTNU University Library and the research suite was designed by Prof. Michail Giannakos, NTNU. The project is financed by NTNU and the National Library of Oslo's New Dissemination Methods programme.

Alexandra Angeletaki 
Project Leader 
NTNU University Library 

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